Our commitment to the environment - Château Brillette

Our commitment to the environment

Today more than ever, the choices we make have a resounding impact on the biodiversity of our ecosystems. Preserving our environment for future generations is fundamental.


We tend to our vineyard using traditional methods, applying more innovative techniques when appropriate and ceaselessly working to honor our commitment to the precious natural environment in which we live and work.
Our vines thrive among grass that is left to grow naturally and surrounded by rows of vivid green hedges that contribute to the vineyard’s diverse ecosystem. Our beehives produce a delectable amber-hued honey and our bat houses provide shelter for the precious winged creatures that feed on insects that would otherwise prey on our vines.

This dedication was recognized by the highest level of the HVE high environment value certification in 2018. Chateau Brillette also won the first prize in the 2019 Trophées de Bordeaux for its efforts to modernize the region’s wines.


Preserving the biodiversity and natural setting of our vineyard is a daily engagement. Every choice and every initiative we pursue, however big or small, takes our precious natural environment into account. We constantly look to integrate these factors into our decision-making process, whether it means shortening distribution circuits or increasing the energy efficiency of our buildings and the tools and materials we use. This commitment to producing wines in sustainable fashion was recognized by a Trophée Adelphe in 2020.