Our cellars - Château Brillette

Our cellars

Our winemaking facilities at Chateau Brillette are housed in a magnificent edifice at the heart of the vineyard, surrounded by the estate’s vines. Our cellars and vat room were fully renovated in 2000. Meticulous temperature and hygrometry controls in our barrel cellar allow us to maintain optimal conditions for aging. Our vat room is bright and modern, with its striking ceiling in the same hue as the cobalt blue favored by French artist Yves Klein, a lovely contrast against the tasting room at Chateau Brillette, with its stunning views of the estate’s vineyard.


Our winegrowers draw on their carefully honed savoir faire to select the ripest grapes at harvest, the most delicate of which are picked by hand. Upon reception in the cellars, our grapes are destemmed and the grape berries are sorted a second time. Each vat is filled with a meticulous selection of the harvest so as to allow us to adapt our winemaking techniques to the singular characteristics of each plot.


Every choice we make is determined by a deep-seated commitment to respecting our terroir and preserving the essence of our wines. We pursue the most traditional winemaking methods, adapting them to the specificities of each vintage.
Upon transferring our grapes into the vats, we raise the temperatures gradually to start fermentation before lowering it once alcoholic fermentation is complete so the grapes may macerate in their juices. Following the recommendations of our wine consultant, Éric Boissenot, and his team, we pursue only the gentlest extraction of the most precious components of our grapes.
Our wines age for twelve to sixteen months in French oak barrels, thirty to fifty percent of which are new, depending on how concentrated the wines are.
Once the aging process is complete, our wines are transferred back into the vats before being blended and bottled at the chateau the following spring.